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Some information related to Krakus auctions:

  • the first auctions will start on tomorrow, i.e. 29-09 (Saturday),
  • the auctions will be added successively (not on direction day in week) groups and randomly,
  • all auctions will take place on our auction portal www.auctions.krakusrace.com,
  • everyone who wants to take part in the auction will have to register (NOTE: Names of users from previous years do not work! – create a new account),
  • new ‘Add to watched’ option will be available – all the auctions that are interesting to us, after being added, will be visible in the user’s panel,
  • new status of the ‘Recommended / Featured’ auction – they will have pigeons: 100 first of the finals, 20 first Aces, all breeders’ pigeons of the 10 best teams (general classification and from final race),
  • thanks to cooperation with COBA Diagnostics, the first 10 pigeons from the final and the first 10 Aces have a certificate confirming the sex of the pigeon.

Please be advised that we have started submissions for the new edition for 2019.

We invite you to read the new regulations!

A list with currently submitted participants has been added.

To go to the auction portal, click the banner below:

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