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A new edition of the Krakus One Lofr Race is ahead of us!

Due to the fact that it is the 5th jubilee edition, we decided to prepare something special.

After the end of the season, an additional 600 km will be organized for willings.


General rules race 600:

  • Each participant will be able to take part in this flight after paying 200 PLN / pigeon,
  • the entire pool will be transferred to prizes (only a 10% tax on winnings will be deducted),
  • all transfers after the final race Luckau 530 km,
  • in the title of the payment, enter: ‘Activation  pigeon number Name and Second Name or Nickname’, e.g. ‘Activation PL 023 19 2 Jan Nowak’,
  • the minimum number of pigeons to organise race – 100,
  • first 10 pigeon from Luckau- final race and 3 first aces could not participate
More information will be added successfully.
If you have more questions always you can contact with us!

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