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NEWS 19th JUNE 2019

Welcome to All Fanciers!

By the end of May, officially we stopped accepting pigeons for the 2019 season.

The full list of pigeons is available on our official website at www.krakusrace.com
in the bookmark:


To go to the list, click on the button below:

The list is also available on the Benzing website:

(the gray PARTICIPANTS tab)

To go to the Benzing website, click on the button below:

All participants are asked to check the correctness of the lists and to report errors to the organizer.

Yesterday, preventive pigeon testing took place. They were carried out on selected pigeons from each loft. The herd has been examined by Tomasz Borkowski from Coba Diagnostyka.


New shipment 🚚 —-Nowa dostawa 🚚

Opublikowany przez Krakus Race, Poland Wtorek, 14 maja 2019

New shipment 🚚Moment after unloading—-Nowa dostawa 🚚Chwila po rozładunku

Opublikowany przez Krakus Race, Poland Wtorek, 14 maja 2019


After almost 3 rainy weeks ☔️ Finally good weather!—-Po prawie 3 deszczowych tygodniach ☔️Nareszcie dobra pogoda!

Opublikowany przez Krakus Race, Poland Piątek, 31 maja 2019

Please be advised that all cameras are already operational.

Current live view:

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