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Information 23th September 2019

Dear participants,

We have recently finished the 5th edition of MWG Krakus.

Please be advised that at the end of the first week of October we will start with auctions!

All will take place on our auction site www.auctions.krakusrace.com

To go to the auction portal, click the banner below:

Those who have not yet sent pedigrees, please provide them as soon as possible to:

or to mail:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone present during the final race.

As every year, he added great humor and fun!

Krakus winner 2019 – Team van Boxmeer-Hoevenaars – NL 19 4079813

The full coverage will soon be completed in our gallery:

Video from the show:

Regulations for the next year are also available:

We encourage you to apply!

On photo “KAZIMIERZ LEWANDOWSKI” –  1st the best ace Krakus OLR 2019 together with Gerard and Katiuska Schalkwijk from Travipharma

On photo “FUNIA” – Wiesław Niezabitowski 1st the best team from the final race and 4th the best team in total Krakus OLR 2019

On photo “Grzegorz Nowak i Marcin Depta”4th place from race no 1 Oświęcim Grójec 102 km and 3rd place from race no 3 Krapkowice 198 km

On photo “Adam Sehnke i Justyna Marzenion”5th place from race no 1 Oświęcim Grójec 102 km1st place from race no 2 Sośnicowice 155 km and 9th place from race no 4 Brzeg 251 km 

On photo “Jan Bocheńczak” – team Bocheńczak&Knap 2nd place from race no 3 Brzeg 198 km and team Bocheńczak&BRZOZIEWSKI 10th place from final race finałowego Luckau 2019

Congratulations to this year’s winners once again and welcome you next year!

The Krakus team