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Dear Pigeon Fanciers!

On Monday (12th October) we are starting auctions from the Krakus OLR!

Every day new auctions will be add.

All auctions will be held on our auction site: https://www.auctions.krakusrace.com

All auctions from Krakus OLR, here: https://www.auctions.krakusrace.com/?page_id=9&auction_ID&term&price_min&price_max&auction_cat_cat=krakus-auctions&ref-search=Uściślij+wyszukiwanie

The participants are asked to send the missing documentation as soon as possible. 

We would like to inform you that in the meantime we organize auctions from NKHGPZP – The best pigeons after the demanding season, final race 520 km!

Link to the auction: https://www.auctions.krakusrace.com/?page_id=9&auction_ID&term&price_min&price_max&auction_cat_cat=aukcja-nkhgpzp-2020&ref-search=Uściślij+wyszukiwanie


Krakus team