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Dear Fanciers,

Tomorrow, i.e. 9-10 (Saturday), we are starting the auction season on our website:

On Saturday (09/10) and Sunday (10/10) first auction will be from NKHGPZP.

Contact with NKHGPZP – +48 16 628 24 03

Auctions from the Krakus OLR will start next week.

IMPORTANT! The pigeons will be displayed in a random order. The participants are asked to send the missing documentation as soon as possible.

We remind you of the most important points of the auction regulations:

  • minimum / starting price – 200 PLN,
  • during the auction, if the Bidder submits an offer in the last 5 minutes, the system will automatically extend the duration of this auction by next 5 minutes,
  • minimum bids for the next level for each auction:

PLN 200 – PLN 2,000     min. PLN 50

PLN 2,001 and more     min. PLN 100  

Full regulations are available on the auction site.

Information before and assistance during, international transport – +48 882-075-330

Information about the auctioned pigeon, shipping in Poland – +48 600-385-840


Krakus team